Saturday, 21 May 2011

What on Earth is Blogging Part I

What on Earth is Blogging ?

I’ve mentioned how much blogging can help your business grow and help non-business owners earn money, but I haven’t really explained what blogging is. Blogging is contributing content to a web log (blog) that is usually published online and made accessible to millions of internet surfers worldwide. These blogs can be anything from simple online diaries to major, interactive, resource providers. Most blogs provide news and opinions on specific subjects that range from current events to celebrity gossip.
As of December 2007 over 112 million blogs with readers could be found online with new ones being created each and everyday. No longer is the world of blogging dominated by opinionated individuals with web knowledge, now many publications, entertainment companies, and miscellaneous businesses operate their own blogs.

Current major corporations that publish blogs on their business websites include, but aren’t limited to:


Southwest Airlines
Time Warner
Wells Fargo

Blogging has helped these companies to establish more client/corporate interaction since many customers, and random surfers, will happily utilize a blogs comment features to share feedback on their experiences or ask questions. Blogs have often helped some major corporations with damage control. Blogs can let companies quickly, and publicly, make statements that will be read by millions.

These days almost every company with a web presence has some sort of blog available for surfers to read and comment on. A few companies that were late in jumping on the blog bandwagon have publicly acknowledged their regret at hesitating.


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