Saturday, 21 May 2011

Make Cash with E-Book

  Not only can you sell your information in traditional book format, you can also sell quality information in eBook format. There are many different software’s available that will allow you to convert documents into eBook format. Some of the most popular software’s/sites for eBook creation are:

eBook Compiler:
eBook Edit:
eBook Pack Express:
eBook Gold:
eBook Maestro:

These programs will let you compile some of your most popular posts into one eBook for resell through your blog or other sites. Lulu (, PayPal, and Click bank ( can all be used to process payments and manage downloads. I have used all three services to sell eBooks and they all have their good points and bad points.
Lulu is probably one of the easiest to set up and because the site is heavily promoted you will often make sales even if you haven’t lifted a finger to promote your project. They accept a variety of payment options including all major credit cards. The only complaint I have received about Lulu is that they require buyers to sign up for an account which is something that many buyers do not want to do.
Paypal is another good way to sell your eBook. Simply make it available on your site with a Paypal buy now button. After the buyer sends their money to you through PayPal they are given access to an instant download. The only concerns I have ever had with Paypal have been security issues that could sometimes lead to your eBook being downloaded without purchase. A solution to this security issue presented itself with the creation of PayLoadz ( Payloadz lets sellers securely sell their digital goods using both Paypal and Google Checkout.
Last, but not least, I have used Clickbank to sell quite a few eBooks. The largest drawback to selling an item using Clickbank is the $49.95 activation fee which must be paid before customers are able to check out using Clickbank. I was hesitant about signing up for the service but the inclusion in the affiliate marketplace decided me. Thousands of affiliates can now sell my eBook for me and we can share the profit. This means increased sale and traffic to the blog that promotes the eBook.
Every time I have released an eBook using Clickbank I have cross promoted the eBook on all of my sites and encouraged readers/surfers to become affiliates. I have also placed links to my blogs on sites that allow users to advertise affiliate programs. Perhaps the greatest success I have ever had was releasing a press release on several
online press release sites about my eBook and the affiliate program. To this day most of my eBook sales are made thanks to affiliates who get to benefit from their hard work with the generous profit share I offer.
For those who do not have the time or energy to create an eBook with their existing blog content, or who do not want to syndicate their blog content in any way, you can still cash in on the eBook craze. Just like you can make your eBook available in the Clickbank marketplace you can also browse that marketplace for programs to join. It is free for affiliates to sign up and there are a wide variety of eBooks to promote.
If you are going to sell an eBook as an affiliate using Clickbank I recommend taking some time to choose a reasonably priced eBook with a high profit share. Many eBook affiliate programs give the affiliate 75% of the revenues. Most of these programs include detailed information for new affiliates including ways to advertise and eBook covers to use in online promotion efforts.
In addition to Clickbank there are literally thousands of eBooks available on eBay complete with resell rights. These eBooks allow the buyer to resell, redistribute, and reuse the contents of the eBook in any way they wish. When purchasing an eBook to resell make sure that you are getting the Master Resell rights and ask the seller if you are unsure of what you will be able to do with your new eBook.
I have used eBay to purchase literally thousands of eBooks, which I have then redistributed. Most of my eBooks are carefully picked based on the tastes and interests of my readers and the content of my site. Others are purchased because they are unique and might possibly be used to brand an entirely new blog.
Recently I purchased several eBooks on Dreams, Tarot, and Witchcraft. I was then able to take these eBooks, built a blog that focused supernatural events, shows, and articles, then sell these eBooks through that blog. Using Payloadz to manage the transaction I soon turned a tidy profit which more than covered the initial investment and time spent building the blog up.
On another occasion I was able to get several eBooks on wine making, beer making, and wine tasting. I then built another blog using a very unique wine related domain name and sold the eBooks through that site. It was a huge hit and I received several offers to buy the entire site. The highest offer was for a few thousand dollars which was impressive considering the venture cost me less than $50.00.
You don’t always have to sell the eBooks you buy to earn with them. The content of the eBooks can usually be made available on your blog which gives your readers something new to read. In many cases I will let clients, readers, and surfers download a few eBooks absolutely free of charge. This earns free traffic for your blog and a reputation for offering “freebies” which will lead to more subscribers who will watch your blog constantly to make sure they don’t miss out on any other free downloads or deals.


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