Saturday, 21 May 2011

Traffic Strategies For increase Traffic

Traffic can be increased through the following strategies, such as:
• Search engine optimization.
• Increased visibility on the Net.
• Links to and from other sites (i.e. reciprocal and one-way) – an
easy way to increase presence on the web.
• Interesting add-ons on the site.
• Increasing the amount of time each customer spends on the site
– making sure all the pages are viewed, instead of only the
home page/link destination page, thus generating more page
views, an indicator of good traffic.

• Making the most popular pages even more popular and
increasing internal links to the site’s other pages to encourage

• Forum-involvement and blog commenting

• Use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter

• Advertising – such as the purchase of bulk email, pop up ads, inpage
advertising, as well as the purchase of traditional and non-
Internet based advertising.

Of all these options, which cover only a very small part of how traffic
can be increased, advertising seems to be the most popular.


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