Friday, 27 May 2011

Jokes 2011

Where does the Long Ranger take his garbage?
To the dump ...To the dump.... To the Dump ...!!
There was once this truck driver who had been on the road and hadnt 
his wife for over three months. At one of his truck stops, he went next
door to the brothel and knocked on the door. Once the Madam opened the
door, the trucker said, "I have 500 bucks and for that, I want the 
woman you have and a baloney sandwich." The madam, with a shocking look 
her face, said in return,"for that kind of money you could get the best
looking woman in the house and a steak dinner. Why not get that?" After
hearing this, the trucker thanked the madam for her concern but he 
back, "no thank you. I'm just home sick."---------------------------------------


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