Saturday, 21 May 2011

Putting Your Posts to Work ! Earn Money

          Now that your blog is set up and being promoted it is time to start earning
 money. In order to maximize profits every single post written and published must be created with an eye towards possible profits. For many blog owners with products or services these blog posts will be used to advertise these specific products/services to clients. Blog posts of that nature can be written to highlight note worthy product features, specials, or client reviews Writing this information in an individual post increases the chance that your product/site will be listed in search engine results and exposed to more potential clients.
Another way to earn money from your blog posts is inline ads. Inline ads highlight specific keywords found within your post and earn you revenue each time a reader clicks the highlight keyword. Companies such as Adbrite (  Or (  Adsense )offer Inline Ad options to advertisers and more companies, such as Google, are looking for ways to help webmasters maximize their revenue by using inline ads. Some companies are even willing to pay per impression which means you earn money regardless of whether your readers click the keywords or not.
Sponsored review programs, or paid review programs, are another extremely popular way to earn money with your blog posts. I use sponsored review programs to earn money and to get ideas for new, quality, content when writers block creeps up on me. These programs allow blog owners to sign up, register their blog, and then review a variety of websites. Each review usually consists of a neutral, or positive, overview of the website paying for the review, along with up to three links to the sponsors’ website. Some of the most popular paid to review programs are:

Blogger Wave:

Blog Ads:
Blog to Profit:
Blogger Party:
Link Worth:
Linky Love Army:
Loud Launch:
Making Money from Blogs:
Pay Per Post:
Pay U 2Blog:
Review Me:

These programs are all a great source of revenue paying bloggers anywhere from $5.00 to $500.00 per review. Those blogs that are established with steady traffic are going to make more money per review than a smaller, new bog. This is a great money maker for those blog owners who are only hoping to pay for hosting aka break even. However, you have a great blog and time to post you can make an impressive income with these programs. I make, on average, $100 per week with paid review opportunities.


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