Saturday, 21 May 2011

Quality traffic to your blog From Social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites are also a popular way for bloggers to promote their blogs and gain more traffic. Social book marking sites can also be used to increase the number of other blogs and sites that link to your own blog. This linking can increase traffic and, if the sites linking to you are quality sites, PageRank. The popular social book marking sites are:

Blog Marks:
Blink List:
Bookmark Sync:
Feed Marker:
Feed Me Links:
Fuzz Fizz:
Jump Tags:
Link Roll:

My Progs:
My Web:
Stumble Upon:

Lastly, but not least, don’t forget the power of the signature. If you participate in any online message board communities that allow posters to have signatures, include a link to your blog. Not only will this increase traffic but it will also increase your backlinks since many of these directories are indexed and listed on major search engines.
Also add a link to your new blog in your email signatures. You would be amazed at how many people who receive your emails will click your link out of curiosity.

Social networking sites are another great way to drive quality traffic to your blog. Many bloggers rely on MySpace ( for new readers and customers. Setting up a free MySpace profile and participating in groups and forums can attract an entirely new group of people to your site. When networking and promoting on MySpace it is important to remember the Terms and Policies of the site and to avoid sending out bulk messages of any kind.

I have used MySpace as a promotional tool for two years now and have never had a problem. I include a widget to my blog on my MySpace profile page so that all visitors can see my latest blog headlines. I also cross post bits of my blog posts to my MySpace blog linking back to the full post on my own domain.
While MySpace is very strict about posting links to your site in certain forums and groups, there are ways to advertise your domain and blog site without breaking the rules. MySpace allows users to have a headline which appears instead of there name. Many users, including myself, replace that headline with our web address. Also, instead of receiving messages I have all users attempting to send me messages receive an automatic message asking them to send me a message at my website.

Facebook is another good site for promoting your blog and getting the attention of new clients, readers, and even local businesses. Quite a few bloggers have groups set up on Facebook and network with each other. Also they are often helped by friends and relatives who are also on Facebook and who don’t mind sharing news of you blog through word of mouth. Many of the Facebook applications make it easy to add feeds to your blog and to promote your domain or blog without getting into any trouble


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