Saturday, 21 May 2011

Get Traffic and Backlinks To Your Blog

In the event that you are not that comfortable posting your articles on Associated Content or Constant Content, or if you would prefer focusing on targeted traffic and backlinks, you might want to consider article directories. There are many free article directories that will allow you to submit your longer posts to their directories. These article directories will let you include a link to your site and byline so that when your article is posted on another blog you will receive an incoming link. Some article directories to check are:

Article Base:
Article Rich:
Article Circle:
Article Fever:

Ezine Articles:
Go Articles:
These directories are great for viral marketing and syndication. Your article will be used by blog owners that have content similar to what is on your own blog. This means that they will be advertising your site to a more targeted audience. This is a great, free, way for your blog posts to be put to work earning you traffic.
Even if you don’t have any articles to submit you can put these directories to good use too. Using these free articles will provide you with some additional, free, content for your site to help out during busy seasons when you are not able to write your own
unique content. Remember to make use of these free articles temporary and to supplement posts containing free content with original content of your own.
Since many blogs are popping up that do nothing but promote different ad programs using free content some search engines, Google included, are starting to penalize blog owners for having excessively used content. Using your own, unique content, in addition to free content will keep your blog from being targeted. I recommend keeping at least 2/3rds of your content totally original to avoid having your blog penalized.


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